Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sittin' at Concourse C...

Ok - seriously. EVERY FREAKING TIME I have to fly to Chicago, through Chicago, or anywhere NEAR Chicago I'm delayed.

Here I am - sitting in Concourse C waiting for my next flight delay. I've already been delayed twice. Good thing is - my Macbook is charging and I got some new stuff uploaded to my iPod.

Yesterday's weigh-in was good - 3 more lbs gone. That brings my total to 16.8 so far. I still have a long way but I'm also still going strong. I packed snacks for the trade show so that I don't blow the diet and Jane and I are going to work out each night. (I can't wait to see my girl - I've had to call her twice to let her know I'm delayed)

Oh - and as a result of those 16.8 lbs, I bought three new jeans today. Two pair are size smaller and one pair is TWO sizes smaller. Hell to the yeah!

Since I'm sitting her blogging, I thought I'd put up some new photos of my precious girlies!

This is Maggie right after she won her medal at the TKD tournament last month. I need to take a photo of her with her new haircut!

This is Ms Addie's "mean face". If you say "mean face" she gives you this look like she's going to kill you. It's hysterical.

That's right - all 19 lbs of her will kick your ass!

Oh- I think I might hear a boarding call... later!


Tina said...

Ginger- Ok- I have to say, I can tell from your picture that you've lost weight!!! I can see it in your face!!!!! You GO girl!!!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pic's of the girls....Maggie is adorable, and Addie is hilarious with the mean face... I love it!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great time at the show,
Love ya -

Missy said...

I totally agree with Tina! You look awesome Gin-dog!! Those are also great pics of the girls :)


Anonymous said...

Ok I think Addie and Shelby make that exact same face!! Too funny all the attitude one little girl can hold.


Anonymous said...

It was so great to see you! :)
Can't wait to do it again!
Can we trade identities again? :)

tesstrue... said...

ginger, just want to send you mad love for your weight loss. rock on witcha bad self.


linda woods said...

Congrats on your weight-loss!!! That's so great!
I floated here by way of Marissa's blog. :)

Wendy said...

Ginger- GREAT to see you at CHA! I had such a fun visit with you! I hate to rub it in..but my flight left on time and my connections were GREAT to get back to ND!! I did have one bag that came later that day..but it was all good!
Congrats on the weight loss! I think you look amazing! You have inspired me to also try.....ugh!
Have a wonderful hump day!
Wendy in ND