Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Actually, I guess the graphic is a bit more intense but I saw the shirt on Print Liberation and cracked up and had to use it. But, it sort of fits the day.

Maggie's first day of 2nd grade is today so we did the ceremonial photos, I walked her in to talk to her teacher, etc., etc. (Her teacher by the way looks like Cheri O'Teri) This is the first year that she was very adamant about her "first day outfit" (high school musical tee) and she had to accessorize with earrings and a bracelet. Anyway - they already had it set-up to release the classes early because of a heat alert in Cincinnati and only half of their school building has A/C. (Fortunately, Maggie's class happens to be in the AC'd part)

So, my phone rings. They have this "call command center" voice mail system and they use it A LOT. It's the 800# so I pick it up thinking it's a reminder about the early dismissal. No. It's the principal telling everyone that the kids are on the front lawn with their teachers because the power is out at the school, there are firetrucks blocking the street to access the school and that we can come and get our kids if we want to. They haven't had lunch and they will keep our kids till 1 but if we want to get them, we can. WTH?

Then, I get a phone call from one of the parents that's a friend of mine and she's like "I think the fire is at the school. That's what everyone is saying. There are firetrucks EVERYWHERE". She had to park a few blocks away and walk up to get her daughter. She said it's chaos there.

I call my mom because she's the one who picks Maggie up and my nephew is going to go get her. His really good friend's mom works there so she'll release my daughter to him (trust me - I've talked to her before - it's all good) and thank GOD he's there to help. But - it's just crazy. First, the heat. Then, the power outage. Now, a fire. All on day ONE of 2nd grade. Sort of overshadows that High School Musical shirt and monogrammed earrings, doesn't it?

Hopefully the fire isn't at the school. Hopefully this is the only chaotic day we'll have this year. Hopefully Tim has no issues picking Maggie up and doesn't have to park 10 blocks away. At least everyone is safe - they said in the voice mail that it was not an emergency. (Maybe the lunch lady burned the sloppy joes?)

On a side-note, my weigh-in is in less than an hour. Wish me luck!


Karen Lopez said...

WOW...that's a crazy day! Hope all is well with the school and the kids'.

Good luck at WW. I need to get myself back on track. You are doing awesome! :)

Jane said...

OMG and WTF is right! What a first day! Hang in there and GOOD LUCK! Jane

Tina said...

Hope Mag's wasn't too traumatized by all the craziness at school...
I think you're right on about the lunch lady just burning up the slopppy joes..LOL
I think work, school, grocery shopping, going to the mail box etc should all be cancelled due to the FREAKING HEAT!!!!!
Thanks for making me laugh yet again.
Love ya girl-