Friday, September 07, 2007

Ramblings in my head...

I thought I should post more than just my weight-loss journey, even though that seems to be a large presence in my life right now. Anyway - today's topic is RAMBLINGS IN MY HEAD

1) Yesterday I went over to the mall to eat Subway and take a walk. Within the 10 minutes I was at the foodcourt, I saw TWO SEPARATE instances where moms were there with their kids (who were maybe 2-3 at the most) and in once case, the mom was in line at the Sbarro and her daughter was running around tables and quite a distance away from her. The mom didn't even bother to look to see where her kid was. ANYONE could have taken that child and she wouldn't have noticed for a few minutes I'm sure.

In the second instance, the mom was walking a little one in a stroller and the toddler was following behind. She wasn't holding her hand or anything. She was on the phone and looking for something in her purse while pushing the stroller and the toddler wondered off into a different direction. (Because - well, she was a TODDLER) It took the mom a couple of minutes before she turned around and hollered for her kid.

I don't know - but I think that these parents probably would be the first ones to pitch a bitch if something happened and their child was hurt/abducted, etc. I'm thinking an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

2) I'm driving over to my mom's this morning and this truck is literally on my tail end. I'm sure that my mazda sign is stuck to his bumper now. Being the moody chick I am (I think lack of food is finally catching up with me), I brake-checked him. Wanna talk about someone backing off REAL quick. Because there was construction traffic, there was nowhere I could go and the option to speed up wasn't available, either. He needed to get off of my tail. Is brake-checking the best option? Probably not. But, I bet he'll think twice before tailgating a white Mazda 626 again...

3) I've switched over to 3-Ring versus post-bound albums. My favorite? American Crafts Modern Albums. They're affordable, they hold a TON of embellished layouts and the colors are pretty. I'm so glad that I made the switch. They look a LOT better on my shelf versus the multi-colored post-bound albums.

4) Britney Spears is performing on Sunday and I'm actually thinking I need to tune in and watch it. It's like a train wreck. I can't turn away from it.

5) I'm having my hair done tomorrow. I don't know what type of cut I want or the color. My greys are really coming in full-force these days. Gotta get those covered. Now, the question is - short or long. If there is enough for locks of love, I'm thinking of going to a bob. But, then the idea of cutting off all of my hair scares me. My face is probably too fat for it and I'm too lazy to style a really cute cut. Decisions...Decisions...

6) Barb and I had a good conversation about "working moms" and the flack that we take for having our "priorities" out of whack. Well, let's see. I love my children dearly and they are my first priority but paying my mortgage is high-up, too. Why? Because I need to put shelter over their head. Buying groceries. Another biggie. They need to be fed. Clothing? Sure...They can't go out naked. This is all stemming from a woman in Cincinnati who left her 2 year old in the car while she worked. I'm thinking she had other issues besides the fact that she was a "working mother". It seems that the letters to the newspaper editors and the call-in talkshows are flooded with opinions - most highly negative towards the working mom. It's sad. We should all support each other.

7) Did anyone see the Ms. Teen USA interview or whatever? The one where the girl rambled about a map, South Africa, Iraq the taliban and a partridge in a pear tree? I was waiting to see how long Mario Lopez could keep a straight face. I wouldn't have been able to do it. I'm sure that nerves had a lot to do with it but I think we probably need to take a good look at our educational system. I believe so many kids are pushed through for the sake of graduation statistics, etc. I went to school with athletes that had "personal tutors" (i.e. kids that did their work for them). I'm sure those athletes are doing well these days. Considering none of them went pro and most are drifting from job to job, that worked out well.

Ok - that's it. Enough ramblings for today. It's just sometimes you gotta get your thoughts out there.

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laura said...

oh your post made me miss you!! you are a great mother, wife, weight-loss model, scrapbooker, friend, co-worker, and fellow human being!!