Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do you know anyone famous????

Please tell me that you do! Reason is - our local radio station is having a contest where you can win tickets to Hannah Montana and Maggie is DYING to go. Right now, I can't afford them because the lovely scalpers are asking upwards of $500 - $1500 PER TICKET. Last I checked, I don't make that kind of money. So, I thought I'd blog about it and maybe, just maybe, someone who knows someone who might be famous might have them call in for Maggie.

If that's the case, e-mail me and I'll give you the details. (Button is on the side) On a side note, one of the reasons why I am trying so hard to do this is that Maggie has offered her piggy bank full of money to the free store or some other charity where they will either feed the homeless or buy toys for kids that don't have anything. I must be doing something right because Maggie is willing to give and that warms my heart. So - to help celebrate and support her thinking, I thought I would do what I could to try and win these tickets. If she doesn't go, it won't be the end of the world. But, as a mom, I'm going to try to do my part. I'm not telling you that story so that you'll say "Oh - look at her - she's a good kid" but I'm telling you that story because I'm not one of those psycho mom's that has to give my kid everything. But, if there is something I can do to celebrate a good deed from her, then I'm going to try my best to do it. (That also goes without saying that this is the same kid that cut 9" off of her hair for Locks of Love and is growing it back out to do again)

Anyway, I wish I could offer a favor to you - I guess I could come and clean your house or scrapbook your photos. That's about all I'm good for. :)

Let me know if you know anyone!


Anonymous said...

Good for you Maggie!! That is so sweet and grown up of you to offer up your Piggy Bank for those that have a lot less than the rest of us. You have a good heart kiddo!
Now, about the Hannah Montana- I can't help out there. Sorry. Oh, can someone please tell these scalpers to be reasonable. Seriously.
Good for you Ginger- you're a good Mom. Good luck with getting tickets!!

Barb said...

Aw, I sure wish I could help. I feel your pain, S wants to go too. Unfortunately, although I've met a lot of famous people, I don't have any famous friends.

Lovies to Maggie and her generous spirit! XOXOX

Alicia said...

What a sweet little girl with such great spirit!

Gretchen, YOU are famous in my book! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I was just watching our local news tonight WDTN channel 9 they just said that there are Hannah Montana tickets available at Ticket Master $56.00 for floor seats.By the way I'm from Miamisburg I'm sure you know where that is. Anyway I hope this helps. Good luck with the tickets.