Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I've been given notice...

Apparently, my frequency of blogging sucks and I know that. I admit it. But, my friend Karin decided that I needed to be made AWARE of how annoying my less-than-stellar update schedule has been.

I promised her I would blog. I'll try to be better about it but I haven't had much to say lately. Been busy at work and swamped at home. Last night Addie got a haircut. Tonight Maggie has Girl Scouts. Tomorrow night I have a Focus Group Study. See the pattern?

Anyway - I did manage to DVR "Clash of the Choirs". Truthfully, it's a cheesy concept but my man is on the show. That's right everyone. I said MY man. That means, hands off (you, too, Vanessa Manillafolder and the chick that claims he was her first kiss!). Now that we have that settled, I've only had time to watch Nick's choir's first performance on Monday and the taped segments during their practice. Mental note - hang out more at Graeter's and SCPA. I haven't seen the performance from last night but the reviews are coming in and it's not good but it's not completely bad. I'm just hoping he makes it to the next level - I want to hear him perform his song. Plus, I get to look at him and it keeps me from throwing a fit that Grey's and Private Practice aren't on.

Here are some photos courtesy of

His look in the second photo has me biting my knuckles.

Finally, before I forget, I need to mention that my wonderful husband (who is going to yell at me for the Nick post) was also Father of the Year because he had to pick up the Hannah Montana tickets from will call. In an effort to provide equal props, I wanted to mention that.


Angelika said...

Well, your man did an excellent job tonight with "Flight of the Bumblebee"!

Best performance of the night!

BHo said...

Singing in a choir is NOT cheesy! And Nick's take on the Flight of the Bumblebee last night was totally BRILLIANT! As a choir member, I am in total AWE that they were able to do that. Do you know how RIDICULOUSLY hard that must have been? He's not only beautiful, he's BRILLIANT too! Go Team Lachey!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Karin for the Offical Grievance for our girl Ginger. I concur that her blogging is sub- par. Come on Ginger...we know you're "very busy"...but seriously, sleep is overrated, and you don't really need it do you??
; ) wink...
Love the pic's of HOTTIE LACHEY.