Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Never eat Mexican on cheat day...

I've been pretty diligent about my diet and exercise program, however, I had a cheat day yesterday because I ran out to lunch with some girls from work and 1) I was starving, 2) Lunch was free and 3) I had been craving mexican food like something awful. We're talking, I would take down someone for queso and taquitos. I had queso and a chimichanga because they didn't have taquitos. And...I was sick all day from it. Mental note. No mexican on cheat day. At least, not a lot of mexican.

Oh and as a side note, for the life of me I cannot get a damn photo to upload. If you have a blogger blog and can do it, please let me know. Mine has gone postal here lately and it's bothering me.

In other news since I'm awful and do not blog like I should, things are going well at home. We have the girls' room organized and it's so cute, but Addie still does not like sleeping in the twin bed. She pretty much says "no" and climbs out. Even with the Spongebob sheets, she's not buying it. She did lay down in Maggie's bed saying "Ah Hannah" (Maggie has Hannah Montana bedding) but that lasted about 5 minutes. It's a work in progress.

The dogs have a new "shared" crate and they seem very happy in it together. They hated being separated during the day, so we brought in one large crate with a dog bed and they seem pretty darn content. Let's hope that lasts!

Scott gets his blackbelt in two weeks (well - he has to pass his test but I have faith in him) so that's going to be a big deal in the house. He already claims to be a "lethal weapon" which always cracks me up. He tells Maggie to tell the boys that her daddy is a "lethal weapon". Ok Rambo - chill out there.

Oh - and just a quick vent. Have you ever had to deal with someone that has the personality of a doorknob? I mean, seriously? You want to ask them who crapped in their Wheaties? I know I'm not always Pleasant Princess, but come on. I deal with a girl that literally has GOT to be the single most hateful person on this planet. Cold and frigid doesn't even begin to cover it. What kills me is the scowl. The constant scowl. Ugh. Ok - vent over for now...

For those that are interested in the pay sites, e-mail me with the e-mail you want the referrals to go to. I'm still sending stuff over and have been pretty happy with my rewards so far. (I've hit about $200 in gift cards) The $25 link below is still working, too. Quick $25 - can't beat that. Scott and I are thinking about using it for our e-bay auctions instead of paypal since there are no fees. Hopefully, more people will get on board with the program. Back to the pay sites, if you want the referral, let me know ASAP because one of them is changing their points scales and if you get in before June 1st, you'll be on their current pay scale which is better.

Happy Wednesday!


Angie said...

I've never tried to upload through Blogger. I always upload to Image Shack and then just copy the code over.

laura said...

you are so funny. someone crapped in their wheaties. i wouldn't be mad if someone crapped in my wheaties though...i mean, wheaties aren't good. i would be mad if someone crapped in my cinnamon toast crunch cuz that sh** is GOOD. i miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Love your site!! Must be my sister you are dealing with. She is such a sourpuss!!! hehehehehe I too cannot stand people that way. I was going through a drive through the other day and the worker was just plain mean and rude. As she handed me my cup of coffee, I just smiled and said - I hope your day gets better. She looked at me like I was crazy! Huh, she should have looked in the mirror.

jendera said...

mexican huh. i can't eat mexican. i joke all the time to denny that i only eat "fake mexican" - i.e. taco bell. the real stuff either grosses me out or makes me sick. i feel your pain.

as for posting the images, uhh, can't help you. i host all my own stuff, so if something breaks i'm the only one to blame. frankly, i like it that way.

when you get time send me along the links would you? pretty please. hopefully they come through, my email has been goofy lately.

going to cha? if so i'll see you there!