Wednesday, May 31, 2006

5 Rules for Graduation

Went to my nephew's graduation last night. Can we say SNAFU? Sadly, I graduated from the same ghetto high school, so I empathize. But, seriously - it could use some work. Here's what I learned:

1) Using a church WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONING in the summer in Cincinnati where humidity is 200% is not a good thing.

2) NOT having someone's diploma is ALSO not a good thing. My nephew walked on stage after having his name called only to NOT receive his diploma. They literally stopped the ceremony so that they could fumble through the 50 (that's right - ONLY FIFTY) diplomas looking for his and it wasn't there. I think he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Thank goodness someone hollered out from the crowd "It's ok - we know you did it." Yes - we knew he did but it would have been nice for him to have it on one of the most important days of his life.

3) Get a bigger venue for the ceremony. It was standing room only. For something as formal as a graduation, there should be seats for everyone. If you can't accomodate everyone, then provide tickets and only those with tickets can attend. It's sad to see parents have to stand.

4) Don't let the students on the stage act like idiots. Two wore sunglasses and danced across the stage like they were in a 50 Cent video. It's GRADUATION. Not MTV.

5) Make sure your speakers (whether it be educators, guests, honored students, etc.) can ENUNCIATE. Nothing bothers me more than a mumbler doing public speaking.

Ok - so I'm over my vent. The thing that bothered me the most was my nephew not getting his diploma. He was upset. I don't blame him. But, I told him to hold his head up high and act with dignity and integrity. It wasn't his mistake and he won't be the one looking like a fool. Hopefully that's advice he can take with him for life.

Here he is with my brother and his wife. Everyone was SO HOT - so we all look terrible.

On a more positive note, I had a great weekend with my family. Except those random family members that just drive you crazy. Had to deal with one of those. Can you tell I don't tolerate well? LOL! But, LOVE spending time with Scott and the girls. Always makes it worth it.

Here Scott is kissing Addie's toes. He would tickle her toes and she'd smile and bury her face. We were outside under a patio, which is why she's a nakee baby. I had a onesie on her but it was just TOO HOT. I didn't want people thinking we were hillbilly.

Then there is Maggie. I can't believe her front teeth are already coming in. She's not even six and has already lost a mouthful of teeth. Can you say ORTHODONTICS??? She's such a stinker!

But, she's so cute! :)


Charlene said...

I can't wait for Gavin's teeth to fall out, it will be so cute to see his reaction to the tooth fairy :) Love the black and white picture! Sorry to hear about the graduation!

barb Hogan said...

I can not get over how much you look like your brother and how much your nephew looks like both of you! Holy Mortar Board, Batman!

Anonymous said...

That is so sad that his graduation got screwed up...your family family doesn't look too happy in that shot either or are they just not smilers?

Your girls are just beautiful! Elise is dying to lose her teeth and usually asks at least once a week if any are loose! I don't remember the Tooth Fairy being such a big deal when I was a kid!


Emily said...

Hate to hear about the graduation being poorly planned. Too big a day in the kids' lives for them not to have gone through basics like making sure all diplomas were there. And I'm with ya on the speakers. Nothing is worse than having to sit through a hot, humid, crowded graduation and NOT being able to hear the speaker (nor be interested in what's being said cuz of it).

Heather said...

Well that's a happy family!! Great pictures too! Man...kiersten is 7 and has only lost 2 teeth so far and it doesn't look hopeful for anymore real soon! Go Maggie! ;)

motherkearney said...

That shot of your nephew and his parents is frickin' HILARIOUS!!!!

Angie said...

More updating, please! :D

Anonymous said...

Rule # 6 - When there are only TWELVE students graduating, make an effort to learn how to pronounce the names properly. Especially when it's a private school and you've been taking tuition from them for 12 years!

Rule #7 - Make sure the diploma has the correct date! And when it's discovered that the date is incorrect (it had June 6 instead of June 2), don't say that they cost too much to get replaced so you're not going to do anything about it. These kids have worked hard not to have it done right.

I don't know if it will make your nephew feel better, but his wasn't the only graduation screwup this year! (and if it really helps, my 6 y.o. dd fell walking to the microphone at her kindergarten graduation this week! She got up right away and did her piece though, rubbing her knee as she went. ;))

Your girls are adorable!

~Jen (jenjie @ 2peas)