Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Ok - so I was trying to think of fun things to blog about. I'm back at work and of course getting back into the groove of things. This weekend I went to Somerset to visit my family and stopped in Lexington to see Sheila at Mountains of Memories. LOVE that store! Anyway - wrote down a few things about my trip:

Number of times I had to climb into the back seat of my Tribute to calm a fussy baby - 3
Number of times I had to beg Scott to let me go to Taco Bell - 2
Number of times Maggie asked "are we there yet?" (I think she saw this on The Simpsons!) - 8
Number of times Addison woke up in the middle of the night - 5 (across two nights - I guess not too bad since she was out of schedule)
Number of pairs of crocs I wanted to buy - 4
Number of Mullets at the Super Wal-Mart - 7 (NOT kidding - I started classifying them)
Number of stores my cousin and I went to on a shopping spree - 5
Number of times I vented about Brangelina, TomKat and Jessica Simpson - 6

Not too bad - I had a great time. I LOVE visiting my family. I was excited when Scott suggested heading down there on Friday. He took off of work to spend my last day of Maternity Leave with me. He's the man.

I was going to upload a photo but Blogger is giving me fits. Grrr...

Oh - and I'll be drawing a name for the RAK tomorrow! :)


Michelle said...

Love the post today! Just a little slice of life. :)

Scared about the 7 mullets! I can't believe there are still some around...much less 7 in one place! LOL!

Anonymous said...

oh please have a rant about Jessica Simpson - I so want to hear what you have to say!

Georgia said...

HAHA That's funny about the mullets. Thanks for making me smile.

Anonymous said...

I would grow a mullet if I had some hair to grow one. But, I guess for my wife and kids sake, I CAN'T.

tina said...

G-was that at Walmart, or the "super" walmart?? Girl, you know those mullets are wrong! Wrong I tell ya!!!

Katy said...

Number of times you've been in Lexington and not told me...17!! lol It was a good weekend to head south....one of the best we've had recently.

Anonymous said...

you know king of mullets, Billy Ray doesn't even have a mullet any more!

Oh and I have a site for ya, since you enjoy clebrity rants:


read it almost everyday and I get all excited after awards shows, because i know they'll have new stuff!



Angela said...

YAHOO!! Draw my name!!!

Sounds like you had a fun trip!