Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's been a few days...

Obviously since I've last posted. I had a rough week last week. Addison needed to be switched to soy formula. Fortunately, she's doing 100% better. I never realized the difference that it would make. She's happy, nowhere near as fussy and sleeps a lot better. Her poor little tummy was hurting, that's for sure! Now - she's happy baby and smiles for mommy all the time! LOVE that!

Maggie has been in Tae Kwon Do for almost 2 weeks now. She's starting to get parts of it and loves going. It's great to have an activity that she can be so involved in. Scott's very dedicated to making sure that she gets the most out of it and he's been awesome in terms of taking her since I don't get home from work until later.

Then there was Mother's Day. That amazing man of mine bought me a spa gift certificate. Whoo hoo!!!! I cannot WAIT to redeem it. I need to set up that appointment - mani, pedi, facial, etc. Life is good!

Now - to the meat of today's post. That's right - it's Grey's Anatomy time. Gotta break it down because I'm still in shock. I won't be able to wait the entire summer for the next episode.

WHY WHY WHY???? Why did Denny have to die? I was devastated. For some reason, I thought he and Izzy would ride off into the sunset and be completely happy. Color me stupid.

Of course I cried during most of the episode. It's not because I'm hormonal, either. It was a darn good two hours of television. What about when The Chief was dancing with his niece and she talked about the boy loving her. SOB!

Then there is Meredith and Derek putting their dog to sleep. I've been there. I know how bad it is. Except, their dog didn't look like mine. My lab had her tongue hanging out where they had sedated her beforehand. It hit me deep - made me remember Sicily and when we had to put her down 2 days before Christmas in 2004. Sob!

Izzy holding Denny after he died tore me up. I can't even imagine. Or, when Alex picked her up and sat with her. By then, I was a snotty, blubbering idiot. There was not enough Kleenex in the house.

I actually started to LIKE Alex after that scene.

It's not Grey's though, unless something just sets me off. Ticks me off like Brangelina. Oh yes- there was a moment like that last night. WTH???

I'm not going to lie - I championed for Meredith and Derek to get back together. I wanted to see them develop a romance. But, that was EPISODES ago. I began to feel for Addison - I thought she was trying. I thought Derek was actually starting to change and would become the husband he SHOULD be for her. Boy - was I wrong. I won't tell you what I yelled at the television but let's just say it was the same thing Derek called Meredith last week. Oh yes... I said it. And, I meant it.

What Addison should have done here is thrown the drink in Derek's face. If I would have been writing this show, she would have. LOL! (And then maybe kicked him in the crotch)

Finally, let's talk about George. Good ole George. Compassionate and sweet and puppy-like George. Even with his schoolboy haircut, he's still adorable and funny and starting to gain on the female audience. He didn't owe Meredith that apology but he gave it anyway. He didn't need to defend Izzy's actions - but he did. What a man. Plus, he dates the chunkier girl. LOVE Callie. Love her because she's spunky and not a size 2. I can relate. Callie kicks major ass.

To the Grey's fans...we have all summer to wait this out. I would talk about Yang and Burke, but I'm not sure what to say about them. Love Preston - Love Yang. I love how she asked the Chief to tell her how to keep her edge. I knew it was a matter of time before the tough exterior would wear down. It's about time. Take care of Preston, Christina. You need him more than you know.

It just blows me away that a show has that sort of affect. I don't think I've ever been that addicted to a show before. Either it's a good show or I've basically given up on life. LOL! I don't think it's the latter, although Scott would disagree with me. (Of course, he thinks Survivor is the end-all, be-all)

I better get back to designing. Almost done with most of my CHA stuff. (Ok - so not really, but I like saying that.)


kat said...

Oh my gosh, I fell asleep right after Denny explained why he wanted to marry her, I cant believe he died!!! I would have been crying too. Thanks for the great recap!

Susan said...

omg! yes.....SOOO nice to know that there are more overly obsessed people out there!!! (you should check out the post on LM about it!)

stefani said...

Great update. It was a very exciting show. I kind of knew that Denny would not make it as they did not renew his contract for next season. Also there is supposed to be one main character that will not be back next season. I wonder if it is Izzy? She is pretty important so I really don't know.

Christie Wildes said...

*sniff* I started tearing up just looking through the pictures!! I am so ordering the season 2 dvds...and I am going to watch it all summer!
I can't believe that a tv show has this sort of affect on me. wow! Oh and I think the character leaves the med. program, but not the show. Now, we all know who it is. :)
Great update and I am glad to see I can check out Grey's scoop here too.

Heather said...

Love the play by play! Yep I was sitting here bawling over it all!

Anonymous said...

OK, So I'm also a huge fan of Grey's. I also balled through most of the eposode then watched it again when they re-aired it. I also am a big fan of yours. love yoru stuff.