Thursday, May 04, 2006

RAK winner and can a girl catch a break?

First off - reasons why I can barely function this morning and need to get a Mountain Dew but due to my new diet, I'm not drinking soda, so here I sit with toothpicks holding my eyelids open. (and doing run-on sentences)

1) Addison has a cold. Poor peanut. :(
2) I have an ear infection.
3) Maggie's allergies are worse - she's been coughing, runny nose, etc.
4) Addison pukes all over herself right as she was getting ready to go to bed for the night. Has to be re-bathed, re-fed, etc.
5) My new diet has caused me to run to the bathroom 3 times a night. (Nothing like the initial water weight loss)
6) Maggie wakes up in the middle of the night sobbing because her throat hurts. She wakes up at 2:00, 3:23, 4:15, etc.

Today I've made three doctors appointments and have already taken more Advil than is medically feasible. I think combined this week, Scott and I have managed 7 hours of sleep. This weekend is National Scrapbook Day and I've got a full schedule. I'm planning on sleeping Sunday.

Now - for the good news. I have RAK winners! Yes - more than one! I picked three, so here they are:


I have a very secure system of writing names down on torn pieces of paper, throwing them into a lunch pail and drawing them out. Results were kept secret until I wrote them in the blog.

For the winners, please e-mail me your addresses at Please don't send me messages about Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, etc. I get plenty of those and the last time I checked - I didn't have the equipment to require those medications.

Oh - and regarding my Ziggy Zaggy thing - it was from The Man Show. My husband watches it on G4 at night and for some sick reason, I think it's hilarious. Totally un-PC and meant to tick women off, but I find it more amusing than anything. Probably because I grew up with three brothers - nothing is sacred. Those of you who guessed right got an extra entry!

And, before I do my Jessica Simpson rant (oh and it's coming!), here is the MAIN reason why she's a goofball

WHY would you divorce this?????


Angie said...

OMG? Me, Angie??

Karen W said...

Sorry your having a tough week. I really hope it gets better this weekend for you. Hope the girls are better soon. Poor Maggie with the nephew is having the same problem right now with them too. Its tough on these kids. Hang in there!

Congrats to the RAK winners!

tina said...

okay, sorry about your lack of sleep, allergies, pukies, and all but seriously, can we TALK about Nick Lachey???!!!! DAMN. 'Nuff said.
Love ya girl-

Michelle said...

What an awful week for all of you! I hope the family gets healthy soon and that everyone gets a good night's sleep soon!

I'll be watching for the Jessica rant! She deserves one! And he is too freakin' hot! ;)

Congratulations to the winners of the RAKS! :D

Anonymous said...

He just doesn't do anything for me. Jessica made him what he is today, otherwise, he would just be one of those guys from 98 Degrees. Where are they now???

Charlene said...

eesh, sounds like you are having a rough week. Drink tea.... it always helps :)

barb Hogan said...

Lick Nachey....sigh!

Anonymous said...

was that me, Melinda?

weirdo Melinda?

the one who talked too much in your class and couldn't keep up, Melinda?

if it, cause I usually don't win anything!


Christie Wildes said...

Oh my goodness!!! A friend and I were just drooling over Nicky boy. Can I just say...yum!!! hehe
Sorry to hear that everyone is sick....keep popping those pills though, it might be your saving grace today!
Hope it gets better..

Michelle W. said...

he seems like a nice guy. I just felt like she went "big time" on him. ugh...


Anonymous said...

I hope you all are feeling better Ginger girl!! Miss you!
-Donna Walk

Becca said...

Crackin' me up--I totally agree about the whole Jessica Simpson thing. Dude--HE'S HOT!!!!

Feel better SOON!


Anonymous said...

Yes I must admit that in the eye candy department Nick certainly gets my vote.... he could park his shoes in my home anyday LOL... (my DH may not agree with that though)....