Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Meet Penelope!

This is Penelope. She is the newest member of the Rohlfs household. Penelope is an American Hairless Terrier just like Achilles and the story of how she joined us is somewhat sad, but with a happy ending.

Approximately 2 Fridays ago, I received a phone call from Achilles' breeder. She was asking about him and said she had a question for me. She proceeded to tell me about this pup that a family in Columbus had purchased. They were threatening to put her down because she growled at the dad and snapped at him. She told me that she knew the pup, that the dog was not aggressive and she could not figure out what was going on but she asked if Scott and I would like to have her. We wouldn't have to pay for her - just pick her up in Columbus from the family and give her a good home.

We talked about it and we knew we could handle two pups. Since she's only approximately a month older than Achilles, we figured it wouldn't be too bad, so we made arrangements and we took her. The next day, we drove to Columbus and picked up our new pup.

Truthfully - I have to say, I think that something serious went on with her. I don't want to make accusations but she was approximately 4 lbs underweight, had not been bathed or had her nails clipped in a while. (They had her three weeks) She would also shake and cower when you got near her. To say the least, she obviously had some trauma.

We brought her home, bathed her, trimmed her nails and started feeding her good food. She has since warmed up to all of us, is playing with Achilles now and is a very sweet dog. Her original name was Maggie Blue, but we had to change that because it would be pretty difficult to explain to your daughter why your dog has the same name that she does. Plus, being a Ginger, I've had my fair share of people saying "My dog is named Ginger". Yea - ok. Thanks...

Anyway - just wanted to show off our newest addition. She is so different from Achilles, yet they are so much alike. I'll need to get a good picture of the both of them. She's still a bit camera shy, but I'm sure that she'll get more comfortable with it as she spends more time with us. I'm just glad that the breeder thought of us as a family for her. I'll be sure to post new photos soon.

As for an update on the rest of the family, Scott and Maggie and their TKD testing on Saturday and both passed. Scott is one belt away from black belt. It's hard to believe. I already have his speech planned - I'm sure that will be one worth blogging about! Maggie is back in school after Spring Break and Addie is still Addie. We cut about 4" off of her hair, so she has the cutest little bob but boy is she mean. Her "chucky" photo below is just the tip of the iceberg for that kid. About 2 weeks ago she took a sharpie to Scott's parents house. A total of 8 walls and a leather couch. Need I say more? I'm just glad it wasn't on my watch. LOL!


Heather said...

Oh I am SO glad you came to the rescue of poor little pup! Makes my blood boil to know dogs are mistreated in any way...good for you for stepping in! And I just have to tell you since you mentioned it! Our neighbors just got a new puppy and guess what its name is...yup you guessed it...Ginger!!! ;) Sorry couldn't resist! ;)

Jana said...

Welcome Penelope! What a lucky little puppy to end up in your household.

Anonymous said...

Okay- how sweet are you and scott to take this little cutie? and the name! i love it!!! welcome to the fam little girl.. have fun with magg's, addie, achille's and of course scott and ginger. you'll be well taken care of little pup. :)
You are cracking me up with the story about addie and the sharpie. OMG!!
thanks for the update. : )

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you brought Penelope to be a part of your family. I can't imagine what she went through.

Barb said...

Penelope is just adorable! She's a lucky pup to have you and S2H and the girls!

Linda F. said...

Aww, Ginger! Bless you for taking in the little sweetheart!