Friday, April 04, 2008

So many boy little time...

So, the NKOTB appeared on the Today show this morning. Since it's the time that I drop Maggie off and head to work, I drove in while on the phone with my good friend, Karin, to see what was going on. I was DVRing it, but you know - it's like being 13 again and I had to know what was going on. They didn't appear until later and I was in a meeting, however, they do have the video posted on MSNBC. Which, I watched during lunch! (And was unable to link here but if you go to MSNBC, it's there!)

I would have been one of the screaming fans. Heck - if I would have been at home, I would have been screaming at the TV. This is just so exciting! The last time I saw them, I was 17 and they were doing a tour of their last album, Face the Music, and the venues were small. I had third row because a friend of mine and I waited outside in line ALL DAY (skipped school) to get into Bogart's early. That was a good time and I'd gladly do it again.

I already have a line-up of girls that are going to the concert with me. Maggie is a bit upset that I might not take her. I'm not sure, yet. Does she really need to see Mommy get all giggly like she does when she sees the Jonas Brothers? Maybe. But, if I'm out with the rest of my 30-something friends, we might make it girls night out. I just hope they plan a date near Cincinnati!

So, coming down from my NKOTB high (which reminds me that I need to dig through my mom's attic for all of my stuff!), on another boy band front, Nick Lachey is singing the National Anthem at the Reds game tonight. My brother works for the Reds and I have made him PROMISE me that if he meets Nick, they have to call me. (He did this before with my favorite Reds player, Hal Morris. I'll have my phone on me all night)

That's all in the land of boy bands and reliving my teen years! LOL!

Onto the family. Scott and Maggie get their belts tonight (which is why I won't be at the game) and then we have a fairly busy weekend planned. Penelope is home from being spayed and Achilles has healed quite nicely from his neuter last week. I almost bought him a shirt that said "Sorry Bitches - I'm fixed" but figured that might be too much. A good laugh, though. Oh - and Addie is still embracing the terrible twos. I'm considering Nanny Stella. If she just wasn't so darn cute!


laura said...

you should totally have bought that tee...that is absolutely hilarious! and then a pic of penelope looking at him like all sad...priceless. so do you live near bridal row?? call angie! or blog her

Jana said...

You are cracking me up!

I thought of you last weekend -- Nick and the choir that won that competition did a concert at Crossroads Church last Sunday night. Couldn't go but some friends of mine did. Wonder if anyone was screaming in the audience? :-)

Barb said...

What a funny shirt that is!

I'm kinda sad that I wasn't invited to girls night out. I guess I'm just too freaking old.

Chrys said...

Well if they don't come near me on the west coast, maybe I can join you over there!!! I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of theirs...Joey's my boy!!!! I've had a flippin' huge crush on him since I was 13 and it still hasn't gone away! I was at home watching the show and was clapping and gushing and crying when they walked out! The best news I've heard in a LONG time!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

Vicki B said...

I'll come too!!! I love NKOTB!!!!!

Still wondering why I not a "person you adore"...didn't think you would do me like that. :)

Just talked to Greta! Sure wish I was tagging along on the 18th! I need one of those weekends!! You guys have fun!!!!

Miss ya!

jennifer mcguire said...

i love NKOTB! I was at their concert screaming like mad... said...

It's True & Official! NKOTB has Reunited and are BACK!
I just love New Kids On The Block!
Listen to their new song called 'Click Click Click' over at
Have Fun!