Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New photos, etc...

Hey everyone! Well, this week has been better in terms of my self-esteem. I seriously do appreciate all of the "love" from everyone that posted. Thank you again. It means a lot because when you're down, it sucks to get kicked - but it's the friends that pick you back up and dust you off. So, thank you!

I am making some changes for a healthier me again. We joined the YMCA last night - so I'll be hitting the workout rooms and the good thing is Addie and Maggie can go to separate play areas while Scott and I work out. I'm hoping it's a good thing. It seems like it will be. (Crossing fingers)

I'm also heading out of town tomorrow night to go on a scrapbooking retreat with some good friends. I can't wait! These weekends give me back my sanity. I miss my family terribly while I'm gone but the time to just sit in my pjs and enjoy my hobby (and sleep in) are so valuable. Plus, you get waited on hand and foot which is totally worth it. No dishes to do, food to cook, etc. (Although, Scott might argue that I never cook and he's probably right) In any event, I can't wait!

I also thought I would post a few photos for you - I know I'm bad about it so I'm making an effort to be better.

Here's Penelope. She has not quite figured out how to pose for the camera like Achilles. She's always on the run so it's hard to get a good photo of her. She also looks A LOT different than he does. The good thing is - she's put on about 2 pounds since we've had her so her ribs do not stick out anymore. She was enjoying a bone here and getting ready to jump off of the couch when I snapped the pick. She cracks me up! She's a good girl!

Here's Mr. Achilles enjoying his squeaky toy. We have two of those things because they fight over them. He's also chillin' in their IKEA dog bed. He loves that thing. Penelope prefers the couch - Achilles is all about the dog bed. Notice his color coming in and he looks like he has on a "mask". We sometimes joke and call him "Batman" now. He's also becoming a little piglet. If Penelope doesn't eat all of her food right away, he's over there munching on it after he's ate his. He's so darn cute. We really adore our pups!

Addie got a new haircut about 2 weeks ago. We chopped FOUR inches off of the back of her hair into a cute little bob. Everyone loves her haircut and it looks much fuller, too! My mom swears it's made her meaner. The day she turned two, it was like an instant moment where she decided she needed to tear hell off of hinges. So cute, yet so mean! LOL!

As for Ms. Maggie, she is 7 1/2 going on 17. Our hands are full with that girl. She had her Father/Daughter dance two weekends ago and tonight she's headed off to Build a Bear with her Girlscout troop. (Whoever invented BAB needs to be smacked!) She's still totally into HSM and the other day she bought a pillow with Troy on it. (I bought it for her because I remember my NKOTB pillow - they're cuter than Troy, but whatever...)

Scott also got his Senior Red Belt last week in TKD so just two more months until the black belt. He's already getting excited about it. I'm so proud of him but if I have to sit through another four hour testing with a 2 year old that is running around like a screaming chicken, we might need to have a talk. Belt or no belt, we might be throwing down the gloves. LOL!

That's it for now. Hope everyone is having a great week! Oh- and if you read my blog and you have not created your page, yet. What are you waiting for???


Barb said...

Wow, Achilles has changed SO much! What a pair of cute pups!

Good to see the update....miss you! Have fun this weekend! Tell Greta that I said hello!

Anonymous said...

Love love love Addie's cute little "bob"...way too adorable.
Great to read an update and hear about everyone, even the pup's.
have fun on your scrapbooking weekend!

angiesparkles said...

hi :) I just got your comment about the wedding! We FINALLY found a site- yaaaaaay. I'm feeling pretty stoked about that! Things are slowly falling into place, but thanks for your offer to help and I'll DEF. keep you in mind for future crises :)

jendera said...

Those pups are so stinkin cute I swear. Makes me want one... almost.

The girls are growing like mad. I can't believe how much hair addie has. Shelby is getting there, but shes got such super fine hair.

Where you retreating at?? You need to get your fanny over to Michigan and check out Scrap Palace!!