Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I couldn't watch the entire thing...

I couldn't get through it all. I started sobbing and couldn't handle it. I'll warn you - it's emotional. It's about viable fetus abortions. It's anti-Obama and I'm fine with that. Because, any man that allows this to go on, should NOT run the country that my children live in.

People think that this is ok? Then, tell this to a woman who had a baby at 26 weeks pre-mature. A baby that she wanted and prayed for and begged God for. A baby that she prays every night will see the next morning. Tell that to the woman who sits by another negative pregnancy test, crying because her body has betrayed her and all she wants to do is hold a baby in her arms. I have been that woman. And - to see this disgusts me.

You tell me that's ok. Because as I see it, it's not.


Angela said...

I was bawling, too. So terrible. Those poor babies...I would have loved them.

nicole said...

Hi Ginger. While I was driving a couple of months ago, I heard this on Sean Hannity's radio show and found it SAD devastating to listen to. :(

jana said...

I can't finish watching this. God help us all as a country that we are allowing this to go on and God help us if this man become President.

Anonymous said...

I won't watch the video. But I will say that you need to do your homework. Obama does not support
late term abortion. And as important
as this issue is, there are many
important issues. If your ticket
(which just continues the Bush policies) was so great, they would
be offering new ideas instead of just
continuing with what has not worked.

I don't usually make political comments on card blogs but since
you are using your blog to campaign, I feel it is necessary
to comment.

Ginger said...

Dear anonymous,

Do your homework. 1) this is not a card blog. It's my personal blog and 2) if you're going to leave a comment, leave your name or e-mail address so I can address you directly should I find the need to. 3) if you watched the video, you would see that yes - Obama does support late term abortion.

It appears that you and I will agree to disagree and a vote for McCain is NOT four more years of Bush.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Nicol's blog and thank you for seeing through Obama! He really scares me!

And...I love your hats, so cute!

Mary said...

I already knew obama was NOT good for this country and this does NOT surprise me because he is a
Dumb-O-Crat just like Hitlery. McCain is NOT Bush. Thanks for showing this to me it just confirms my descision to vote REpublican. And to convince anyone I know not to vote Democrat.