Sunday, October 19, 2008

Welcome to reCRAFTed! My Etsy Store is Up!

Ok, so I've decided to just let all of the political stuff fall to the wayside because what's going to happen is going to happen. Plus, I have bigger fish to fry at this point. I finally - FINALLY - got my Etsy store started and have my first four things listed. I am hoping to have more, soon, but for now, these are the things I have. I really hope that you like my knitted hats and please- if you know anyone that is looking for cute things for their kids or knitted hats, please let them know about my store. I'm also going to be adding a lot of my scrapbook de-stash. That is coming SOON!

Here is one of my favorite items in the store. I LOVE this hat! I can always make more, though. Of course, Scott tells me that I don't have the head for a hat, which is why I never wear them.

I have also been contemplating a part-time job. Not sure when I can do it, but I have to make adjustments for my family budget right now. The economy is killing us. Whew...

At least Dexter is on tonight. I am also close to finishing another hat, and will hopefully be done with it tonight.

Have a good Sunday!


Barb said...

Those hats are SO cute, Gin! Great job!

angiesparkles said...

These are beautiful- best of luck in your shop- wouldn't it be awesome if THAT could be the part-time job!!!

Anonymous said...

Very CUTE!! Wow- you are so creative on so many levels!!

terri davenport said...

These are so cool!