Monday, April 25, 2005

Let there be Internet access...

I have lived three days without the Internet and I feel so disconnected from the rest of the world. Apparently on Friday morning lightning struck near my house and literally FRIED our modem. We spent most of the weekend on the phone with TW Cable to get our DSL back and they finally said that the modem is fried and we have to bring it in to get a replacement. The agony is horrible! I could not wait to get into work today just to get online and catch up on e-mails, what's going on in the scrapbooking world, etc.

Then, I go to WW yesterday and only lost two pounds. All that starving for two pounds! But, that's better than gaining two, so I'm trying to go with the glass is half-full concept. After leaving the meeting, I immediately marched myself over to the mall to get a pair of running shoes. So, here I sit in a spanking new pair of Nike running shoes. I haven't ran since my senior year of high school, but for some reason I ran last night and this morning. They feel really good on my feet - nice and comfy. I almost forgot what running shoes feel like. I've been wearing plain old school Adidas or Converse for the past few years. I think I might have to convert back.

There was also my crop on Saturday night. They might have also added to my 2 lb loss. I got over to my friend's house at 7:00 and they were discussing Cold Stone Creamery. Now, if you don't have one nearby, let me explain this concept to you. You pick a delicious, heavenly flavor of ice cream and then add whatever you want to it. They have EVERYTHING. Snickers, Reese Cups, Brownies, Cookie Dough, Fudge, Cake, Gummy Bears, etc. You pick the mix-in.

Next thing I know, we're all piled in the car and headed to the Cold Stone. My mind kept telling me "no" but my taste buds and stomach were rebelling and telling my brain to shut up! Alas - I got the "like it" size with brownies and cookie dough. Bad, Bad, BAD! But, I got the smallest size of the whole group. I tried to get the kiddie size but that's for 12 and under. In any event, I cherished every bite, then felt so guilty afterwards that I could barely get any scrapping done. Yes - that was my crop night on Saturday. I completed one page that I'm not really that fond of. Oh least I had ice cream!

So, I'm back on track. Yesterday I was good, today I have started off even better. We'll see how things go. I was up early this morning on the treadmill, so the 2 lbs must have done something beneficial.

I have also been in a hoarding mode with my scrapbook supplies. I think it's because I've been watching my food, so I need to overload on something else. What better than paper? I shopped two days this weekend looking for supplies, and that's after receiving an ENORMOUS box from Rocky Mountain Hobbies. I bought nearly 300 sheets of paper yesterday! I found those DCWV Stacks of paper on sale, so I bought two of the cardstocks and one of the Slabs. Couldn't help myself. Scott said that I have completely lost my mind when I walked in with them. He just shook his head and kept watching the ballgame. I might not be able to eat the Hershey bar but I can hoard as much paper as I want!

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