Friday, April 22, 2005

Yes folks - it's FRIDAY!

What can I say other than IT'S FRIDAY! I love Fridays. They give me this renewed hope of actually having time to scrapbook. I actually have cropping plans this weekend and am looking forward to them. I have two friends that I've had for a long time and I'm heading over to their house to do some cropping. They recently started scrapbooking, so it's fun to share ideas and supplies. Speaking of supplies - I got my RMH order and WOW! Lots of fun stuff to play with. I can't wait!!!

Tomorrow morning Maggie is going on the Breast Cancer walk. My brother and sister-in-law take her every year. I love the fact that my daughter has great family that enjoys spending time with her. Scott is working and I'm doing the pre-crop thing. You know - print out photos, blow up other photos, do some computer journaling, pack up 9 billion things to take with you. Oh, and I'm doing laundry. I swear, the stuff breeds in the laundry room!

Weather today is crappy. It's raining and cold and now they're predicting snow. It's nearly May and they are talking snow. The last time I checked, May is in the SPRING. Good thing I was too lazy to pack away all of our winter clothes last week. I guess I should hold onto them for a few more weeks.

Speaking of clothes, I've recently started weight watchers. It's not too bad except that I miss chocolate. I also miss Uno's Pizza, but the chocolate is killing me. Cookies, brownies, whatever. As long as it has some form of chocolate, I'll eat it. Of course, my skin is clearing up and I've lost 7 lbs, but boy am I a grumpy one. I also refuse to buy any new clothes right now. My pants are already loose, but I refuse to buy anything until I've at least hit my first goal which will be two pant sizes. If anyone has any suspenders, let me know so I can borrow them for a few months.

Till next time...


CarrieC said...

WOW Ginger! Congrats on the weight loss. Totally understand the chocolate cravings. They make chocolate hard candies, in sugar free (with splenda). I did Atkins after I had Xander and I popped one in whenever I was having a sweet craving. Oh, and sugar-free fudgsicles are pretty yummy too.

Hope you get lots done at your crop! Can't wait to see the results.

Anonymous said...

The 100 calorie chips ahoy things are good for chocolate fix. They are 1 point a pack. It takes 5 herseys kisses to equal a point. So you can get your chocolate fix if you are very careful and not overdo it. This is from a person who gained 1/2 a pound this week. But has lost 15 in 12 weeks. Good Luck, it's a good program.