Friday, April 29, 2005

Let's talk guilty pleasures

You know - those things that you LOVE but don't really want everyone else to know because you'd feel like a total geek? Well, this is confession time. I ran over to Borders today during lunch. (Borders is my downfall - I love to go over there and pick up magazines, books, etc.) Anyway, I was looking for a good CD to listen to while designing. I'm trying to finish up some CHA releases and I wanted some music that was fun and of course 80's.

I was looking for They Might Be Giants and somehow found myself over in the "N's" because I obviously don't know how to follow the alphabet. That's when I saw it..."Jordan Knight performs New Kids on the Block - The Remix Album". My jaw almost hit the floor. Then, I was intrigued. Ah yes...the New Kids on the Block. LOVED them. Still do. There it is - my guilty pleasure. The minute I hear "Please don't go girl", I immediately return to a time of innocence. A time when I was about 13, had braces, large hair, tight-rolled pants and my best friend, Jenny, and I would listen to them 24/7. We lived, breathed, ate, and slept the NKOTB.

I couldn't help myself. I bought it. Morbid curiosity set in and I had to have it. It's not too bad - although I would prefer the original Step by Step. Jordan didn't do a bad job. Of course, listening to him sing "Please don't go girl" was just not right. It was Joe's song. Otherwise, it's not a bad CD if you want to be instantly transformed back into middle school. Oh, and he has the demo of "I'll be your everything" which they wrote and Tommy Page performed.

Listening to it makes me think of Jon Knight. Yes - I was a Jon girl. He was probably the least popular New Kid but man was he hot! (Jon - if you're reading this - I would still marry you!) My mom used to yell at me for plastering posters of Jon all over my room. Not one single inch was left uncovered. It was my shrine.

Ok - so there you have it. I was a New Kids geek. But, I loved it and still do. It was such a HUGE part of my pre-teen years. I even went to see them when I was 17. They came to Cincinnati to a small dive called Bogarts and my friend and I ditched school to wait in line to be in the front when they hit the stage. (No assigned seating there - first come, first serve.) I think I'm the only person that owns "Face the Music" which was their 1994 release and last album. They even did a song for the Free Willy soundtrack.

I think I might need to scrapbook all of this. :)


Christina (christih from RMH) said...

Hey Ginger...I linked to you from RMH's

I just wanted to say...I own Face the Music! I was a HUGE NKOTB fan! I loooved Joe! just had to come by and tell you that reading your entry about NKOTB was like you were describing me and my bestfriends to a T!

Joanna Bolick said...

Hey there! As I was reading your comments on NKOTB I thought, I bet we are the same age! And we are (or will be, when I turn 28 next month.) I was a huge fan, too!!!! Too funny!

CarrieC said...

That is TOO funny! I was a NKOTB lover too although I was a Jordan fan. ;) Might have to look for that CD. Sometimes I bring in *my* music to my classroom and make the kids listen to it. "If you're not quite I'm going to make you listen to Enya." Instant silence falls over the class. LOL!

Sally Davidson said...

Ahhh. I *heart* the NKOTB too! Of course, I was about 10 when I discovered them. But they were super cool! My favorite was Joe. He was so dreamy. :)

TJ said...

I swear I am going to marry Joey one of these days. Just have to get rid of his wife and my hubby. LOL. Thanks for the memories and the album info.

CarrieK said...

OMG! I was a JON girl too! We are a rare breed...everyone else went for the "classically" cute boys...heehee!

Thanks for the memories...and you are NOT a geek for lovin NKOTB!

.:liza:. said...

I know this is a OLD post, but Face the Music still gets regular play in my CD player. ;) I sat on the phone with my best friend & cried the day we found out Joey was married. Blockheads forever!