Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My husband read my blog

I didn't think he even knew anything really about what I do, then he said something about Cold Stone Creamery. I was trying to remember if I told him. Then he confessed that he read my blog. He wanted to see if I said anything about him, which I hadn't to this point. He's such a quiet person that I try not to talk about him much. But, honey, if you're reading this, I love you! :)

I usually reserve my blog for talks about generic things, not really family or politics, etc. I also like to talk about scrapbooking, as it pretty much consumes my time whenever I'm not with my family. I guess I'm feeling guilty for not blogging about my husband and my daughter.

Well, let me tell you - they are the two most important people in my life. Scott works hard, he's a great dad, he's a hottie, and he's funny. He always makes me crack up, even if I'm madder than a wet hen with him. (By the way, I have a lot of southern roots, and sometimes I have funny sayings - blame it on my mom) Maggie is my angel. My one sweet, precious child. The only child I'll probably ever have and I dote on her 24/7. Last night we walked the treadmill together. My five-year-old loves to wallk on the treadmill. We try to walk outside sometimes but the weather has been nasty and we live in a community without sidewalks and crazy teenagers that don't obey speed limits. Enough said on that one. Occasionally we'll drive over to the park and walk their trail. They have a 2 1/2 mile trail that winds around a small lake. It's beautiful to watch and she likes the scenery. But, when we're home, it's treadmill city. She's going to be five in July and starts kindergarten this fall. Talk about emotions! (and photo ops!)

That's my family. Scott and Maggie. I also have an oversized family with my mom and my brothers and their families. I'd have to draw you a chart for that one. I also need to get some photos uploaded on here. I'm so bad about technology. I just don't take full advantage of it. I'm too much of a plain Jane. I just recently invested in the digital SLR. I love it - can't imagine life without it, but I don't use it to it's full capacity.

I'm so bad.

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