Saturday, April 30, 2005


The new color of my living room. It's called Pumpkin Spice. Scott picked it out, even against my best wishes. I wanted something more of a "yam" but he wanted to add color. Color is right. Although, it's starting to grow on me. He's in the midst of painting right now (painting is something I DON'T do unless it's on paper - I'm hideous when it comes to painting) and I'm watching him transform our formerly neutral walls into this splash of orange. Of course, colors are now speeding through my mind. I might even get new living room furniture! I wonder what will blend with it. I'm dreaming of black & white photos in 12x12 frames in a square pattern above our mantel. Ah yes...this might work out after all!

Hopefully when our life gets back to normal (i.e. living room back in order) I'll be able to download some photos of the finished room. I'm too excited!

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doris said...

wow. orange. the mantel arrangement sounds awesome. can't wait to see pics. :D