Monday, May 02, 2005

Loose ends and Monday rambling

Do you ever find yourself in a mode of completing everything you have on your "to-do" list? I'm in that mode now. I finally finished naming some of my new paper lines, I ordered furniture this weekend to finish our living room and I might actually go out today at lunch to purchase some accessories for the living room. I'm going with a minimal approach that's more streamlined and clean in design. I wanted to do all the same size photographs in 12x12 frames (I like the square shape) and of course in black & white. I give it less than two days before I'm over at TJ Maxx looking for unique items for my living room.

I also lost two pounds this past week. Not as well as I had hoped but hopefully two pounds that's gone forever. At this rate, I should be doing ok by the next year. They say that a safe weight loss is 2 lbs per week. I would prefer 10 a week, but you can't always have what you want. LOL!

I also have to say that I recently read Cathy Zielske's blog and God love her! She wrote a post about Oprah's show the other day and I was so happy to see someone take a stand on weight issues. It goes without saying that she definitely has an amazing scrapbook style and her "Clean and Simple Scrapbooking" book is my Bible. I carry it with me to crops and it inpires me to be a better journaler. It's just good to know that she's on my side with regards to weight issues. God love ya Cathy! You go girl!

Scott finished the living room and it looks great. Of course, I tend to nit-pick sometimes but all in all it looks great. He has definitely come a long way on his painting skills. He might not have wanted to tell me that, though, because I'll have him painting the entire house before all is said and done. I just can't wait until next weekend when the furniture is delivered and we have a dedicated living room again! Did I mention how excited I was?

Lastly, we went bowling yesterday. A local alley has a special for $5.99 for two hours in the morning so we take Maggie and meet one of Scott's friends over there. He usually brings his little boy and the kids bowl on one lane while we bowl on the other. I realized that I don't have the patience to be a bowler, however, I could sit and watch my husband bowl all day. He's amazing! He basically has enough skills to be pro (I watched him bowl a 258) but without a sponsor he can't do it. So, there he sits and he bowls in a league through work and the occasional weekend. I watched him nail 7 strikes in a row like it was no big deal. If I break 100, it's a big deal.

Oh, I almost forgot - this was a big soccer weekend. Maggie had two games and scored a goal in each one. :) That's my girl!

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