Friday, May 06, 2005

I have the best husband!

I love the man. I truly do. He's the best husband in the world. I'm sitting here at my desk staring at the most gorgeous vase full of 24 roses. He knows how to cheer me up and make me feel loved. What a man! They smell wonderful and they are beautiful. They are a light orange with coral tips - just like the colors in my new living room. I'm telling you - the man is a genius! He knew exactly what to get.

I had been having a rough few days and this just made everything disappear. Mother's Day was coming up and I was having a slight setback on my infertility dealing. You see, I have PCOS, and am therefore infertile. I can't even begin to tell you what it does to your emotions to know that you just can't have a child. Or, if you can, it's because you've gone through months of treatment and thousands of dollars worth of medication. We've been through the treatments and ended up with nothing. Maggie was even a fertility drug baby, but this time things were different. The normal drugs didn't work. So, we took a break. A 2 year break. In the meantime, I focused on other things to occupy my mind. It's working for the most part but occasionally I have set-backs. This week was a set-back. I had enrolled Maggie into Kindergarten and the idea that my baby was going to school just killed me. So there you have it - the set-back.

Don't get me wrong. I thank God every day that I have Maggie and that he has blessed me with her. I am so grateful for that. I guess I just wish she could have that brother or sister that she asks for. I haven't given up yet and time will tell what happens. For now, I think I'll take time to stop and smell the roses. Literally.


Sally Davidson said...

Your husband sounds awesome. There are so many emotions tied into being a mother and wanting to have more children and it's so nice to have a husband that understands. You are a lucky woman, Ginger. Course, you already know that. ((Hugs))

lei said...

hi.. my name is leirs im from the Philippines. I recently was able to purchase some Gin-X paper and I totally love it.. keep it up. Everything will happen in God's time..

Jenn said...

I could have written that. Sans the roses, as my DH is not as wonderful apparently ;) AJ is my only little guy, and no matter how I love and cherish him, there will always be that empty place. Hugs to you my f-bombing friend....I know it's all that can be done.

Emily (cantergrovegal) said...

So glad you have such a strong and valued friend as your DH. I'm sure this must be a difficult time to go through. Our youngest was the baby that, by the textbook, should NOT have been. He turned out to be our little miracle in many ways. Will keep my fingers crossed and send prayers your way for your own "little miracle" to come your way!