Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Great weekend!

I am so tired today that I can barely get up and get motivated to go to work. If it wasn't for the fact that I absolutely LOVE my job, I probably would have already contemplated calling in. But, the sick thing is - I ENJOY going to work. I'm literally lost without my work e-mail and Illustrator. I know - sick, sick girl.

Anyway, we had a great weekend! Saturday we went fishing and anyone that knows me knows I love to fish. When I was a little girl, my dad used to take me all the time. He would tell me that if I dug up the bait, he'd take me fishing, so imagine a little girl digging through the garden to find worms. That was me. Maggie is almost five and I cannot even picture her touching a worm, much less digging through dirt to find them. Although, she does think it's funny when I catch the fish and make them "pee". (Basically I squeeze them a little bit and their water bladder squirts - totally harmless - I promise) Usually it happens on accident when I'm taking them off the hook. I don't eat fish, so I simply catch them and throw them back into the pond.

Sunday we had a family reunion and I had a great time. I literally got FRIED from being out in the sun all weekend (picture fat, overly white girl and it's just not a good thing in the sun) but I was having so much fun that I didn't really notice. In Cincinnati, we have a game called "corn hole". Anyone who is not from around here automatically thinks it's some perverse thing we Cincinnatians do. Actually, it should be renamed "Bean Bag Toss" but the reason they called it cornhole is because the bags you throw used to be filled with dried corn. (Nothing like a blog history lesson, huh?) But, the game is total fun! It's like horseshoes but you don't have to worry about the kids running around getting whacked by a horseshoe. We played that all day at the reunion and by the end of the night, I was getting to be fierce competition. (Plus, it's great exercise!)

Yesterday was a total cleaning spree. Complete with reorganizing closets and everything. I'll probably run over to the organizing store today and buy some more containers, etc. It's a sickness I tell you!

Gotta run - gotta get showered and ready for work.


Stacie said...

Ginger, I followed your link from Rocky Mountain Hobbies and am enjoying your blog!

As a transplanted Cincinnatian now living on the east coast, I can attest to the embarrassment of proclaiming my love for cornhole ("no, really... it's a GAME!"). We have a custom built set we bought before we moved out here and my husband is convinced that he is going to start the cornhold craze on the eastern seaboard :-)

Nice to read up on fellow Cincinnati-ites!

Stacie (a.k.a. "art_chick")

Stacie said...

P.S. I think you're way too hard on yourself, hon!

Brett's Babe said...

Love your blog as usual Ginger!


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