Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Ultimate Scrapbook Room!

I'm in search of it! Or, at least the right furnishings for it. Basically, I thought I had my scraproom all set up but now my nephew is moving in with me and he'll be taking some of the space. (I have two bedrooms in the upper level of my house and so he'll be taking one and I'll have the other space. They're not quite two separate bedrooms. You have to walk through one to get to the other. But, they're two rooms nonetheless separated by a door.) Anyway, now I'm looking for the perfect furnishings to finish the room since my Target cubes just won't fit properly anymore.

I've poured through the Ikea catalog and still haven't really come up with anything. I guess I'm looking for suggestions. (Oh, and I can't afford Pottery Barn - so we're talking Target, Ikea, etc.)

I'm also hoping to figure out the "photo" thing so that I can start posting photos in my blog. I love looking at blogs with photos - makes it more interesting. Actually, my friends tease me that I don't read books unless they have photos in them. I'm such a visual person.

Speaking of visuals, I've been diligently working on new products for the upcoming CHA Summer show. The stress level is definitely climbing! But, it's what I do - it's what I live for! :) Stay tuned!


Donna Walk said...

Oh how fun to kind of redo your scrap room Ginger!! :) To upload photos to your blog you just upload your photos to somewhere like photobucket and copy and paste the tag it gives you into your typing space, it'll look sorta like this but without spaces < img src="" > . I hope that helps. :) I love seeing pivtures and sharing pictures too. :) [[Hugs]]

Susan said...

new stuff from Gin-X! now THAT is something to look forward to.
good luck with the scrap space issue! I ended up giving mine up for our second child. now I am squished in the computer room...though slowly pushing my dh and the computer out of it! ;-)

CarrieC said...

Pictures: I use photobucket because it automatically gives you a link right under your picture and you just copy and paste it into your blog. :)

Scraproom: I say go vertical with your paper. It saves a TON of space. I'll come back with more suggestions tommorrow. I need to go find your scraproom pics before I can give any helpful suggestions. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Theres also the "hello" option which I find to be simpler than the copying and pasting into your blog. Theres a great program called Picasso you can download free from google, and it comes with Hello. Hello automatically resizes you picture and puts it in you blog for you, super easy. You can just get Hello by itself. Once you get the picture into your blog you can go in and edit post if you want and add stuff to it. Good luck.

CarrieC said...

Alright, about your scraproom . . .

You could get a metal wire type set of shelves from Lowe's for pretty cheap. I had that in my old space. It fit a LOT of stuff. If you want to see a picture of that drop me a line and I can e-mail you.

Another option would be to put up some shelves on the wall. You can get shelving material from HD for pretty cheap. I know you have folding tables already right, so it's just really storage you're looking at? I think we put up the shelves in my room for about $90 and I got the little white pantry for about $100 (although in our old house it was actually for the kitchen - I just recycled it when we moved).