Monday, June 27, 2005

29 Things ...

Every year on my birthday, I sit and write down things that I love, am thankful for, or blessed with. The number correlates to whatever age I am, so today, it's 29. (WOW! I remember when my brothers were 29 and I thought they were SO OLD! Of course, I was 11, so 29 DID seem old!)

Anyway, here's the list: (in no particular order)

Maggie - my only child and my greatest gift ever.

Scott - my best friend

Family - my mother, brothers, etc. I have a very tight-knit family.

God - He gets me through. I'm not an overly religious person - but I have faith and that's all I need to say.

Pets - Zelda, Nemo and Lucy. Even though they drive me crazy, I love the little creatures!

My job - it's the coolest job on the planet! I love where I work, what I do, and all the cool people I get to meet all the time. Scrapbookers rock!

Scrapbooking - see prior post. get to scrap again!

Friends - I have some of the greatest people in the world as friends! They are all fun, absolutely hilarious and always there for me. Never a dull day!

My House - even though it's too small and we've spent too much remodeling, it's MY home.

Mazdas - I have two - a 626 and a Tribute. Once I get one of them paid off, I'm buying a RX-8 so I can zoom zoom around the neighborhood. (Of course, we'll have to draw straws because Scott wants a new Mustang)

Message Boards - what did we do before the Internet? Seriously...

E-mail - it's how I keep in contact with everyone.

Getting packages in the mail - I still love that. I swear, that's been on my list since I was 10!

TJ Maxx - I love this store. I could walk through one for hours just looking for trinkets. They always have cool stuff and cheap!

DOTS - Another cheapie store. They carry these funky clothes and they're cheap! (I turned my friend, Barb, onto them too!)

Creativity - it's so fun!

Capri Pants - Oprah says they are out of style (according to my brother) but I say they are awesome! I love wearing capris, cut-offs, floods, cropped, etc. They're not shorts, and they're not pants. Just perfect for a fat girl!

The Fat Girls Guide to Life - By Wendy Shanker. Read prior posts if you're curious about that one!

Hot Topic/Torrid - Very cool store! I love anything 80's, cultured, etc. and these stores are two of my faves. I was in Hot Topic yesterday with my daughter and they said she was the coolest 5-year old to walk the planet. (Of course, she was wearing a Viva La Bam shirt that I bought at Target for $2.00 - that might have helped her coolness! LOL!)

Cold Stone Creamery - My guilty pleasure. Yes, I shouldn't eat it but frankly, I don't care! Some days I'd give my right arm for a Like It size of Birthday cake with Cookie dough and brownie.

Education - I worked hard for it and it's something my mother said nobody can take away from me. She's right.

Fishing - my second favorite hobby. Lets me relax and refocus when I am struggling with the creativity. My dad taught me this one.

Red Hair Dye - Yes the truth is out. I'm not a natural red head. Haven't been since the 7th grade.

Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path - I LOVE this scent. It's like Luv's Baby Soft from when I was a pre-teen. Yummy!

Polyester shirts - I don't iron. Period! Which brings me to...

Downy Wrinkle Releaser - See above.

A Clean House - Allows me to relax and feel better. I always feel much better when the house is clean. It's like crossing something off of my "to do" list.

Orange - Since Scott painted my living room orange, I've fallen in love with the color!

Organized Living/Container Store, etc. - love organizing places. I want to live that type of life! LOL!

Well, there's my list for 29. Off to get a shower and get to work. (Why don't they have a law where you get your birthday off of work????)


Brett's Babe said...

Happy Birthday Ginger to one of my best pals ever. You're a blessing in my life and you always brighten my day!

May all of your dreams come true girlfriend. Now go shizzle yo manizzle.

Andrea Pike said...

I don't even remember what sites I clicked on to get me here, but I'm glad I found your site! I live about 20 minutes from Downtown Cincinnati, but am originally from California. I'm 25, an adoptive mom and have been a scrapbooker for about a year, now.

Oh! That's right! I remember now! I found your site through Two Peas In A Bucket! Duh, Andrea!

Anyhow, are there any local scrap clubs you belong to? I'd like to get involved with a group on a regular basis. Any ideas?

Feel free to email me at:


Becky Thompson said...

Ginger, just wanted to stop by and wish you a VERY happy birthday! Looking forward to meeting you in person next month!!

Emily said...

Well, lookie here! I didn't realize we had bdays just a week apart (mine was LAST Monday). However, I'm a tad bit older than you, my dear! Happy birthday! We'll have to celebrate in Provo!

Donna Walk said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!! I hope you have a great day even if you do have to work. ;)

Joanna Bolick said...

What a great list!! happy birthday to you!!

Janice Lund said...

Oh Ginger! I love your list! I feel the same exact way about Capris!! Also if your going to do Coldstone, do it right! Love it Size baby!!! Chocolate Devotion for me! Hope your bday was great! See you in two weeks! {{{{HUGS}}}}