Saturday, June 04, 2005

"Un" Pack-Ratting

I made this concious decision to live a more organized life. In that, I never thought I would realize how much I pack-rat. Seriously - I believe I have enough scrpabook supplies to open up my own store!

I have spent the past three hours cleaning out boxes of supplies and pricing them for a yard sale. That's right - YARD SALE! I'm having a big yard sale next week (at least I hope to) and I'm going to sell a ton of stuff. Things that I don't use, don't think I will use, might not use, etc. It's all GONE! I'm keeping some embellishments, ribbons, paper, and that's about it.(Oh, and some stamps) Everything else is GONE!!! (At least I hope some huge scrapper comes by and buys it all!) LOL!


Donna Walk said...

I'd be there if it wasn't so far away!! :) Good luck with your yardsale girl! :)

Amanda said...

I'm another pack rat, but I have been trying to declutter without much success *lol* we're planning a garage sale for later this year. Hope your sale is a success with your clutter turning into cash ;) I'd LOVE to be able to come to your sale, but I think a last minute flight from Australia is out of the question ??

* hugs *

Susan said...

okay, Ginger, a friend just called me because she saw the new lines in a magazine. an ALL GREEN LINE??? (now that IS wonderful! ;-) ) oh, are you inside my brain or what???? WHEN will they be available to us general public kinda people?

CarrieC said...

Fantabulous! I hope you bring in lots of money! Perhaps you should sell your autograph too. ;)