Thursday, May 05, 2005

I miss my friend...

My friend Bonnie. I don't know what it is but sometimes she'll pop into my mind and I miss her terribly. Bonnie passed away suddenly in February while we were in Atlanta at CHA. One of my good friends, Barb, and I were there with IP and some of the girls that worked at a store where we all met were there as well. Bonnie died suddenly on Saturday night and none of us knew it. I didn't find out until I returned on Wednesday. I still remember those words when they called me - "Bonnie died". Bonnie was young - she was only 55 and so full of life. I adored her. She was like a second mom or a sister to me. I used to take Maggie to the local mall on Sunday's where Bonnie worked part-time just so we could say "hi" to her and gossip for a few minutes.

Bonnie helped me get my car because she worked for Ford and she knew I wanted another Mazda. She picked out the sweater that I wore on DIY. She had recently reconnected with a high school friend who was stationed in Iraq, and they were falling in love. She had a second chance at love, at life, at everything. Then, it all ended suddenly.

I cried. I cried for days afterwards. Her funeral was so hard. I sat there in the midst of numerous people who didn't know me and I sobbed. I cried because I felt like she died alone, I cried because I didn't get to say goodbye, I cried because I thought it was unfair. I cried because I wanted Bonnie back. I wanted my friend back.

It will be three months on the 12th and I still think about her often. I've even caught myself typing in her e-mail to forward a joke to her. Those are the days when it really stings.


Sally Davidson said...

Ginger, I know how it feels to suddenly lose a loved one unexpectedly. Sending you lots of ((hugs)) and sending up good thoughts. ~S

Thena said...

Ginger, I thought of you the other night when I thought of Bonnie and wanted so much to be able to email her and share some CKU photos.

All of my favorite CKU photos of Nashville include her. I only met her once and I adored her instantly. I still miss her and have found myself teary at times just thinking about her.