Tuesday, December 27, 2005

28 Weeks, 7 Months, however you count it!

I always crack up when watching Mr. Mom and Michael Keeton is "rewiring" or something and Martin Mull goes "Using 220?" and Michael Keeton goes "220, 221 - whatever it takes". LOL! So, people always ask how far along I am. If I say 28 weeks, they say "how many months" and if I say 7 months, they ask "how many weeks". Sometimes even I can't keep it straight - I just know when my next appointment is. :)

So, here we are - in the home stretch. It seems like time has FLOWN by. With Maggie - it was all I could do to wait - I was so impatient. So bad that I begged for an induction starting at 36 weeks. With this one it seems like just yesterday that I found out - and now we're in our final stages. Amazing.

I got my weekly Babycenter e-mail - she should be measuring around 15 inches in length and about 2+ lbs.

It's just amazing to think about how big she's getting. I wonder if she'll be as big as Maggie (8lbs 14 oz) or if they'll look alike, etc. I begged Scott for the 4D ultrasound but he nixed that idea pretty quickly. He said we only have 12 weeks to wait - why worry about it. After some pouting, I agreed. I guess he's right. (Although I RARELY tell him that!) Plus, we have LOTS of baby equipment to buy. After being told we'd never have another, I got rid of EVERYTHING! I didn't want anything in my house to remind me of it. Then, we got our miracle. So, now we have to get everything again. The nice thing is that his parents bought us the stroller/car seat combo for Christmas. One down - many to go. LOL! I got a Target gift card that I'll be buying something with - either the high chair, swing or monitor. Haven't decided, yet. I'm trying to maximize what I get and waiting for a Target sale. :)

I guess I'm just on cloud 9 today. Dr's appointment went well (passed glucose and I'm down 8 lbs - that's right - I'm LOSING weight!) and I'm finalizing some CHA stuff. Feeling pretty good!


Julie said...

Congrats Ginger! I loved those BabyCenter emails and the little factoids they sent!!

Joanna Bolick said...

So happy for ya, ginger!! So happy for that little babe of yours, too! Here's to a very happy NEW YEAR!!

Tina said...

OMG!! How cool is that BabyCenter Email?!? I've never even heard of that until now. Wow- it's so amazing to know what stages the baby is in. She must be happy in there Gingy- you're both doing so well!
Hugs- Tina

totally me said...

only 12 weeks to go.....you can last that long. It will take you that long to get everything set up. My husband finished staining our cradle right after I had our son. He went home and worked on it all night.


Angela said...

YAY for you!! So exciting!! The nice thing is that you don't have to worry about a lot of the stuff like a high chair, bouncer, etc., until she gets a little older. That definitely saves on the money!! Congrats!!

Jennifer said...

I loved tracking my babies' progress when I was pregnant with them. It is amazing how they grow, isn't it? I hope you feel wonderful all the way through the rest of it!

Barb Hogan said...

Yay! Life is good, Gingy!

Lynne said...

awww! my daughter gets those emails, too. i think you must be due around the same time. i believe she's 27 weeks.
i am gaining the weight you're losing, girl!

Maria Wallace said...

Glad to hear your doing great-we met a little while after you first found out, you came to Ruban Rouge in Florida to do some classes~ we were all thrilled for you and Lisa sends her best!