Monday, December 19, 2005

Date Night...

with two awesome men! How often can you say that? Ok - so maybe I went with my husband (awesome man #1) but then I got to see another one. On Friday we saw "Walk the Line". I can't even BEGIN to tell you how awesome this movie is. Scott and I both really liked it a lot - not sure if it was the music, the story or the actors. Both Reese and Joaquin were mind-blowing in their performance. I gained a whole new appreciation for Joaquin Phoenix.

Not only did he portray Johnny Cash in the most amazing way, he also gave off this sexiness that I never saw in him before. Definitely worth watching - that's for sure! Plus, to know that he sang all of the parts himself. I could gush over it for hours. As a matter of fact, Scott downloaded the soundtrack for me. (LOVE that man!) LOVE the soundtrack. I've got it on now - gotta get it if you don't have it. $10 on itunes. :)

Oh - and before I forget - the Bengals clinched the divison. Who Dey baby!!!


Barb Hogan said...

Oh I cannot WAIT to see this movie! And Happy Who Dey to you and yours too! Playoffs baby!

Tina said...

Me too!! I cannot wait to see it either !! I heard it got great reviews!! Lucky you for having a date night G!!

They ROCK!! Gotta love our boys in orange and black!!!!


amy howe said...

oh gin...
this has become my FAVORITE movie EVER. really. it went somewhere deep inside of me and dug it's home. LOVE it.

joaquin has never done it for me...actually he's always kind of grossed me out. but DANG honey..he was SMOKIN' HOT in this movie. yeow.

ok, that's all. i'll shut my hole. ;)