Monday, December 12, 2005

I see dumb people

Ok - I'll preface this by saying that I by no means feel like I'm the brightest crayon in the box. However - have you ever had that kind of Monday where you feel like you've run into every stupid person on the planet? This could be a vent - I'm not denying that - but I just had to get it out. (By the way - dumb people mask themselves as really bright members of society!)

First things first - I'm taking my daughter to school. It's like Mr. Mom- enter from the north - exit from the south. There are two lanes - the drop off lane and then another lane where you park in the side lot to walk your child into the school. I walked Maggie in today (as most days) because she's five and she likes me to. So, the guard who directs traffic waves me on and I stop before turning into the lot because there is a PEDESTRIAN crossing the street and a crossing guard is out there. No brainer, right?

Well - low and behold, psycho chick in the Xterra behind me decides she's going to go AROUND me and go into the lot. Mind you - it's taking all of 10 seconds for this poor guy to walk across the street. But, by golly - she's in a hurry. She realizes she can't fit her car through - not before nearly clipping my car AND the PEDESTRIAN! OMG! What a total idiot! So, I'm like WTH? and I look over at her. I'm embarrassed to admit this - she's RELATED to my husband. It's his cousin. UGH!

She realizes it's me that she's made a complete fool in front of not to mention the poor pedestrian and crossing guard who have by now turned into full-blown "deers in headlights". But, does she apologize or try to make herself look like less of an idiot? NO - she pulls into a spot and gets out. It took all I had not to say something. But, for the sake of keeping peace in the family (those of you who know me know I do this a lot) I just merely stare her down. That could have been a CHILD that she hit - although hitting anyone is NOT GOOD. What a goofball.

Wasn't even 10 minutes later that I call the insurance company to follow-up on one of Maggie's claims from her October stint with the breathing issue. So, I call the hospital first to find out what claims haven't been processed. The guy tells me he can't talk to me. WHAT? Because I'm not the guarantor - Scott is. Well, I'm his wife and I signed all the paperwork. Still no dice - he can't talk to me. Ok - so, I'm not saying he is stupid, but whoever came up with the privacy act where a WIFE can't even discuss the bill because her SPOUSE holds the insurance is STUPID. It was our DAUGHTER that I was calling about. In the end, Scott called them, told them to talk to me and I handled it. Come to find out - it was the stupidity of someone in the hospital that caused the whole bill to be denyed anyway. At least it's being taken care of. My insurance company was GREAT about it. But, I just can't believe that there are laws governing which spouse can be talked to. At least there was signs of intelligent life at the insurance company.

There it is - my Monday morning rant. Feel free to comment about the dumb people in your life. I think that there should be a class in high school titled "Common Sense". I wonder how some make it in society.


{change in plans} said...

I think the same people were at Target this past Saturday. The problem is that they breed andthey are good at it!

Tina said...

G- I am at my wits end with dumb/stupid people!! Your absolutely right, there should be a high school class titled Common Sense 101. I remember returning a sweater to a store because after I washed PER THE INSTRUCTIONS on the tag inside the sweater, it shrunk! So, I took it back to the store, told them what happened, and the dumb ass at the counter said, OH,well do you want to get another one? Maybe this one will be different? WHAT? Do I want to get another one?? Yes, dumb ass, I do, that way I can wear it again, wash it again per the instructions, and fight traffic to bring it back again. Mind you, this is just a sweater in a clothing store. The scary part is, these same peeople handle our insurance questions, talk to us about our online banking questions, and some probably even work for the IRS. God help us.
Okay, I'm finished venting....
Thanks for the Blog today Ging, it was great! You make me laugh!
Love Ya- Tina

Becky said...

I HATE those people that tell you they can't talk to you because something is in your husband's name. Drives me abso-freakin-lutly nuts! Total pet peeve of mine, especially since it's usually me they end up having to talk to anyway.

Loved your blog today - I could so relate!

Jamie said...

I hate automated telephone customer service! Who was the dumb a** that thought that would make things easier (maybe for the companies but not for the consumer). I was on the phone for ten minutes pushing buttons before I finally heard a human voice!!!

Janice said...

AMEN SISTER!!!! My day was PACKED full of idiots as well! Here is to a better day tomorrow! *HUGS*

totally me said...

I stayed in for most of the day!

What is it with people and school zones? I get so mad at the jerks that tailgate me through the zone that I slow down to 10mph. I think anyone who doesn't use caution ought to be used as a speed bump!
Good thinking at not yelling at your "cousin". I would have been all over her if she were my cousin.


Barb Hogan said...

Don't even get me started!

Katy said...

UGH...stupid people....I have about 17 stories a day about that!

kelly said...

Ahhhhhhhhh yessssssssss. I understand and I agree... : ) If only everyone were like you and me... what a wonderful world... eh? : )