Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Of the carving knife wielding 6 year old! Ok - I'm just kidding, but this photo of Maggie absolutely cracks me up. She's ready to dig in to that pumpkin. By the way, the plastic scoops don't work. Don't waste your money on them. A big ol' metal soup spoon works MUCH better.

We had a great time doing the pumpkin thing. Maggie carved hers into a "mean face" as she called it and I made mine a skeleton face. (I'm into the skull and crossbones thing right now) Of course, did I take pictures of the finished product, yet? No... Why? Because I'm aloof and totally forgot. That's on the agenda for this evening.

Anyway, I walked Maggie into class today because we had to take in her costume, treat bags, etc. and I was so excited seeing everyone dressed up. Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. WAY more than Christmas. I just love everything about Halloween. I enjoy the time of year (fall is my favorite season) and then the pumpkins, the hayrides, the carving, the dressing up, etc.

It was my dad's favorite holiday, too. He enjoyed passing out candy to all the little kids. I remember sitting with him on the porch and handing out candy. Ironically, my dad was buried on Halloween morning. I went home that night and passed out candy because I knew that was the one thing Dad looked forward to. That was the last year that candy was passed out at their house. Kind of makes me sad to think about it but then on the other hand - Halloween always gives me those happy memories of Dad and I'm thankful for that. He used to take me trick-or-treating when I was little and dig out different little candies that he liked. He was lucky because I was the picky kid that only liked plain Hershey bars and Three Musketeers. I'm still that way. Of course, now I'm the one digging the plain little Hershey bars out of Maggie's bag. I should do a scrapbook layout about that some day. LOL!

Well...to everyone out there with little trick or treaters, be safe tonight! Eat lots of candy and brush your teeth so that they don't rot out. (At least, that's what my mom would say!)


Tina said...

Love the picture of Mags... too cute. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read about the memories you have of your dad....I can't even imagine. But you seem to be doing okay... that is a good thing my friend.

Celia said...

Sorry about your dad! :( What a wonderful way to remember him though!

Anonymous said...

Those candy bars pilfered by the parent are a handling fee for Halloween preparation and since they are a fee for service, they are calorie free! 8*) Melinda

Kimberly Brock said...

Your memories of your Father brought tears to my eyes! I'm glad you hold in your heart what was important to your father and you!!