Monday, October 02, 2006

Winners will be announced shortly!

Ok girls - the winners will be announced shortly. We had a TON of entries and with trying to get ready for Memory Trends, we've been running around like mad in the office. I've got things fairly narrowed down and we will be contacting winners shortly. I also still have to go through some of the entries that I received this weekend.

I will say - there are AT LEAST 2-3 DT Bids going out. (Based on preliminary checks) I'm pretty excited about that!

I also want to get approval from winners to post their projects before announcing everything. As soon as everything comes through, you'll hear about it! (Might not be until tomorrow!)




Jamie said...

How exciting, boohoo, nothing here yet, lol. Can not wait to see who the lucky ones will be.

Thanks Ginger for the update.

Angie said...


AFK to puke.

WendyG said...


Anonymous said...

Ok I guess we will have to wait till Tuesday. I can not wait to find out who the lucky winners are.

Beth said...

Wahooo, can't wait to see the names of the lucky winners!

Thanks for a fun contest!

Good luck to everyone who entered!

Diane DiTullio said...

LOL. I guess the stalking of your blog will continue today! :)

Kimmie said...

looking forward to seeing the lucky few!!! thanks for a great contest