Tuesday, January 10, 2006

To go or not to go...

Ok - for the past few months - actually month, I was preparing myself to NOT go to CHA. I'll be 33+ weeks pregnant, out in Vegas, etc. I figured that it would be best for me to stay at home. As the date is slowly approaching, I'm finding myself sad that I can't be there - that I can't see my friends, etc.

So I went to my OB today for my 30 week check up. Things are looking good with the pregnancy. The baby is not measuring as big as Maggie did (probably because I'm not gestational with this baby) and my BP is good, protein is good and I gained 1 pound. (Brings the total for this pregnancy to -7!!!)

Then the ultimate happened - she gave me PERMISSION TO FLY!!!! I was so excited! After threatening bed rest, telling me to take it easy, limiting stress, etc., I finally got the permission. My BP was ultra low (108/62) and she said that I was looking good, so she thought it might be good for me to get away for a few days. She told me to "have fun". (LOVE my doctor!)

I can't even believe I'm considering it. I would tear up at the thought of not going and now that I can - I'm excited but worried. What if something happened and I went into labor - how tired will I be, etc. But, what if I DON'T go? Then how sad will I be???? I won't get to see all of my friends, etc. That's the biggest part - being there and seeing everyone and working in the booth.

I'm eagerly awaiting for Scott to call so that I can ask him. He should have a say in this since it's his baby, too. I'm sure he'll be 100% supportive. Heck - I'd love to bring him with me but he can't take off of work. He's using his vacation for when we have the baby. But, I have a group of supportive DT members going with me. They're like family and will make sure I'm ok.

Ah the dilemma - should I or shouldn't I?


Susan said...

you know yourself the best...and you know how crazy CHA is. are you (or some DT mother hen) going to make sure you get enough sleep at night?? will you park yourself on a chair at the booth once in awhile?? I know that I would push myself too much. but, if something happens, I do know that they have hospitals in Vegas! ;)

Tina said...

Ginger- YOu know you will be good hands out there, all of the girls and morris will take care you and make sure that you are not doing too much. I would have to be there if I were you. I say Go For It!!! : )
Big Hugs-

wendy said...

woo hoo! i'm so glad the choice is yours. that you can make your own decision. that's the cool part. and you'll be fine. lots of "moms" to take care of you. just stay really hydrated on the plane and get up and walk a few times.

looking forward to seeing you!

Angela Walker-Morgan said...

YEAH! I'm so glad you're going to be a CHA.

I'm so excited about seeing your new GIN-X products and can't wait to chat with you and Barb.

Take care of yourself.


Stacy Holland said...

Great Ginger I can't wait to meet you at CHA Angela always sings your praises-- So from one Ohio Girl to another - fly safe- God Speed and we'll see you in VEGAS!!!

Jennifer said...

You should come, Ginger! It is a wonderful time to see friends!

I know a couple of excellent OB's, so if you did go into labor,we could get it all taken care of... :0)

Rach said...

OH, that is great news! I hope you go, can't wait to check out your booth at CHA and hopefully meet you, too!

Joanna Bolick said...

Well, I say GO, because you want to, but make sure to put your feet up, and give yourself time to rest! And don't get all wiggedy wiggedyjiggy about stuff, k???? You need to remain calm. and breathe. and enjoy!!

totally me said...

Hospitals in Vegas....Would that mean that she would have to the baby Lola (she was a showgirl)

honestly do what your heart tells you to do. I am sure that your friends will understand either way!


daphney said...

well Im selfishly saying GO because I would LOVE to meet you...but make the decision you and your family feel good about.
Take care Ginger...and if you do come I cant wait to meet.

Kimberly Brock said...

I know everyone will make sure you take it easy. You'll have a blast to GO FOR IT Ginger!