Thursday, January 05, 2006

Come Chat with Me!!!

Tonight - 9:00 EST - The Scrapbook Stand. :)

I'll update my blog later with other stuff. Might even have another sneak peek coming soon.


ruthimus said...

Thanks for chatting with us Ginger! Its easy to see why you have been so sucessful, nice people don't always finish last=) you are too sweet and very talented!! Congrats!

shirley said...

Enjoyed chatting with you and thanks for the sneak peek!!

Mary Kay Seckinger said...

Sorry, I picked a random post to comment on because what I really wanted to comment on was the title of your blog. I LOVE that movie (along with The Sure Thing and most of the rest of John Cusack's oeuvre).

Having said that, I love the new line. I'll come by at CHA to see it in person!